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BOD Incubator

BOD Incubator (5°C to 60° C)


  • This unit is design to meet ICH guidelines and all other regulatory norms.
  • Fulfill all requirements of WHO, US-FDA, MHRA & other audits.
  • It is an ideal unit for incubation of samples at low as well as medium temperature tests require in micro labs in pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Pre – fabricated stainless steel made PUF insulated panels
  • Unit is easy to install without any major hassle and ready to use in short span of time
  • Unit delivers precise accuracy and uniformity of temperature
  • In – built safety devices and corresponding indicators for over & under shoot of temperature
  • Audio visual alarms generated for temperature deviation OR in case of any malfunction
  • Hermetically sealed “CFC” free Refrigeration System is provided with Eco – friendly refrigerants for cooling. In built stand by cooling system provided with auto change over facility.
  • Stainless steel made perforated trays with adjustable racks and runners..
  • Front opening door with vacuum glass window for viewing of samples and specimens without disturbing inner temperature
  • Working manuals, test reports and certificates along with its traceability & 1Q, OQ, & PQ protocols will be provided.
  • Calibration and Validation will be provided as per the protocol

Technical Specifications

  • PLC based Controller
  • High quality RTD – PT – 100 Sensors
  • Digital display having resolution of 0.1° C visibility for accurate measuring of temperature.
  • Precise Temperature Control Accuracy + 0.5° C
  • Best Uniformity of Temperature + 1.0° C
  • We also supply Tailor-Made sizes on request

Optional at an extra cost

  • 4 point Temperature Scanner (1 Master + 3 Sensors)
  • Stand by Cooling System
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Common Software: NIVDAS Software comply 21 CFR part 11
    (Monitoring, Trending Performance, Data Logging, Data Acquisition, Event Capturing, Audit Trial & History Trial with E — Signature).
  • Remote Alarm System & Remote Alarm view System (for monitoring of alarms of multiple units).


Models Capacity Internal Dimension External Dimension Tray Size Trays
Cu ft. Liters HxWxD (mm) HxWxD (mm) (mm) Nos.
NEPL 108RTSSI 8 200 600x600x600 1235x760x1090 560×560 2
NEPL 112RTSSI 12 324 900x600x600 1535x760x1090 560×560 3
NEPL 116RTSSI 16 430 1200x600x600 1835x760x1090 560×560 4
NEPL 121RTSSI 21 600 1200x700x700 1835x860x1190 660×660 4
NEPL 128RTSSI 28 800 1200x800x800 1835x960x1290 760×760 4
NEPL 134RTSSI 34 1000 1500x800x800 2135x960x1290 760×760 5