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Photostability Chamber OR Photostability Cum Humidity Chamber



  • Precise accuracy and uniformity of Temperature by convection Technology
  • Double walled in construction made up of stainless steel with matt finish
  • Inner and outer wall made of stainless steel with PUF insulation between two walls
  • The unit is provided with safety devices for temperature over / under shoot in case of malfunction
  • Audio and visual alarms are generated for temperature variation
  • IQ, OQ, & PQ Protocols
  • Calibration & Validation will be provided as per the protocol
  • Lighting system:
    • A cool white fluorescent light for 1.2 million LUX hours exposure.
    • UV-A lights for 200 watt hours / square meter exposure.
    • Both the lights have independent control to avoid over exposure.
  • Flexibility:
    • For better study results flexibility of combined exposure or individual exposure is provided.
    • A removable center tray is provided this divides chamber in two compartments. Upper compartments have visible light source and bottom compartment has UV light source.
  • For individual exposure testing the center tray is kept in place and removed it for combined exposure

Technical Specifications

  • PLC based Temperature controller
  • RTD — P.T — 100 Sensors
  • Digital Display having resolution of 0.1° C visibility for accurate measuring of Temperature.
  • Precise Control Accuracy + 0.5° C.
  • Best uniformity of Temperature + 1.0° C


  • 4-point scanner (1 inbuilt + 3 optional)
  • Common Software: Centralized work station for viewing, trending performance of equipment
  • Calibrated lux and uv meter


Models Capacity Internal Chamber External Chamber Tray Size Trays
Cu ft. Liters HxWxD (mm) HxWxD (mm) (mm) Nos.
NEPL104RSPSI 4 100 500X480X450 1385X640X945 440X410 1
NEPL 108RSPSI 8 227 600x620x600 1485x780x1090 580×560 1